Convention Package
    Based on the decision taken by the 1994 EBA-AGM to formally adopt the EBA Convention Rules and Contract, the EBA Convention Package contains different blocks of items -required from or useful to organisers - which can be defined as follows:
    A. What a Member should take into account when making a Bid for hosting an EBA- Convention
    B. The EBA Guidelines for Holding a Convention: offered to organisers with a view to assisting them in setting up the event without having to "re-invent the wheel". The Guidelines contain a number of useful pieces of advice and, based on actual experience, they will be further refined and kept updated each year in order to build in recent experiences made by some of the Members;
    C. The EBA Convention Contract : to be signed by both parties, based on the preceding rules, and to be completed with other specific requirements (e.g. how to cancel such contract, circumstances that would lead to automatic disruption if not followed, ....). The contract is equally fixed for the long term but will be adapted from year to year while discussing the contract with potential organisers;
    D. The EBA Convention Rules: a set of rules which have to be observed by Federations when making a bid to host a EBA Convention (minimum requirements for hosting societies). The rules are fixed for a long(er) period and if changed, they will only apply to later applications;
    E. The EBA Speaker Contract: a specimen contract which use is strongly recommended by EBA. Some details might of course be adapted between the contracting parties.

    In this way, all items that must be observed are clearly separated from those that could be taken into account to enhance the probability of success of the organisation.

    Not only will this allow all parties to exactly know what the minimum requirements are and what could be added to lay down a better proposal, it will also provide a simplified and efficient format to the EBA Board and AGM for scrutinising and following up the proposals.

    Agreed with the EBA Board 2011:
    Reg Bolton, Vaclav Novak, Marc Noelanders, Jürgen Carocci, Detlef Mostler
    New Version edited by Detlef Mostler, Klagenfurt 31 01 2011
    Original Version edited by Rene Vantilt

    The full Convention Package can be found here